Hi, I'm Alysia! If you've come this far, you're probably interested in what type of women sells this type of products, right? Well, I'm not a closet dominatrix and I don't escort at night when my husband's asleep! And, no I don't model the lingerie or "demonstrate" the products. But I do educate women, men and couples about what products are available to them and how to keep their lives full of passion!

I'm just an average, down-to-earth woman in her 30s who couldn't stand the 9-5 world. I've been with my husband for over 16 years and I have two wonderful children. If you saw me on the street, you'd think I was pretty "normal". In fact, I'm often told that I look more like a librarian than a sex educator!

I started working in a small sex toy store in 1991. I was supporting myself while going to college and I needed to pay the bills. On the weekends, I would sell lingerie and sex toys at home parties to supplement my income. It wasn't until I stood up in front of 25 women holding a vibrator that I realized where my true passion lies! Sixteen years later, I was able to purchase that little store and turn it into a place where I could help other people be comfortable with exploring their own sexuality and igniting passion within themselves.

I take a fun and educational approach to my job. I'm very educated and experienced when it comes to all things sexual. But, I definitely don't take sex too seriously. Sex should be fun! Listen, everyone has sex – it's the fundamental thing that makes us all human. If you're not having sex, you want to . . . and that's okay! Sure, I've had people give me dirty looks when they find out what I do, but I'm secure in the knowledge that:

  1. I'm helping women, men and couples create passion in their relationships!

  2. I own a sex toy store in IRVINE!! Yes, Irvine. There are some really uptight people here that really need a good vibrator! (and sometimes I want to tell them where to stick it!)

  3. There's nothing "dirty" about good sex

  4. I get to talk about sex all day!

  5. Every now and then, I get the opportunity to help a customer pick out her very first sex toy! And other times, I get to help a customer purchase her tenth Rabbit Pearl because she just keeps burning them out!

  6. No one is ever going to get tired of having sex!

  7. I'm having the time of my life!

Nice to meet ya, my name is Alysia and I sell sex toys.

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Bedroom Toys

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